soshi fooling around before their very first perfomance at a music show

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"In life, it is a once in a lifetime achievement to be able to graduate from college; it really is an honor. I attended school for 4 years and to be already graduating now is unbelievable. Since I’ve really become a part of the society, it’s an important responsibility. I want to show a good image as a fantastic artist, actor, also as a singer and to make my alma mater shine more." —Seohyun (source)  | ©

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SNSD - MVvsPractice

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can you p l e a s e not?

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who are girls’ generation?
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reasons why I love a certain mushroom: 3. She’s hard working

"Tiffany isn’t the lead dancer but she knows her weaknesses well, and so she is willing to improve. People often mistake her as the member who is weakest in dancing, but seriously she is not. She is so talented and is the most hardworking member. For example, if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two hours while others are already back to the dorm. So yeah, I am envious of her spirit. That makes her such an unique person. If you realize she is the favorite of almost all the members in group, including me. Haha!"  - Yuri

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